Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Day Off

Hello Holla
It's been a while!

Where the hell have you been, gheong?
I dont wanna talk about my absence for...more than 5 months.
(Oh my gosh..It's December already duuuudeeeeee)

All I (and you) need to know is... I still alive, working as a HRIS Consultant and live a happy life and still surounded with a LOT of cats.

So, today is tanggal merah (day off). Thanks God you just put this tanggal merah on a perfect timing after 2 days in a row training in Client's office.
Nothing special that I've done today, since I got a lil bit fever.
Waking up late (the best things tho), thinking what to eat for breakfast/brunch/lunch and then decided to cook instant noodle with egg and beef corned and a lot of chilli.

Taking care of sick people maybe one thing that I can do better than taking care of myself when I got sick. So I just stick with 1 rule: Eat. Basically, when you eat, your body will have more energy and hopefully will make you healthier. So everytime I got sick, I just start put everything edible in mymouth so I dont need to feel sick again. 

But...I don't know what's wrong with my instant noodle or my stomach, but until 7 PM I don't feel hungry at all. 
D*mn you instant noodle, I want Nasi Padang for lunch but you make me full until night :(
I ended up had Bubur Barito for dinner. Thank you mas Gojek for delivering those super porridge.

Today, I just doing like I usually doing for last 12 months. Do nothing, watch TV series (some episodes from How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs repeatedly).
Actually it feels kinda good and bad. Good because it's something that I used to do and I'm kinda enjoy this. Bad because..yeah I do nothing and become more lazy.

Then I realized, If you spend your time on computer/gadgets, time will move so faaaast. I regret I didn't use lot of time to nap. But if I nap a lot, tonight maybe I can't sleep and I cant get up early tomorrow. end my day off today, I just write some 'things' on this blog. Consider I use my time on computer wisely by not only do online shopping but also do something that I have to do more often.

Tomorrow is not tanggal merah and you have to work again.
Good night!


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