Friday, 13 March 2015

11 March 2015

Hello Yellow!

So eventually I can't keep my promise to myself to post something everyday. Pfftttt..
But hey It's okay, I still want to post anything, but no need to be every day. At least every week I have more than 3 post that's enough for me :)

Since I didn't write for 2 days, let me wrap it up those 2 days.

Last wednesday, my beloved friend Audria Gupitarini had her thesis defense exam. Thanks God she pass it with good grade and I'm so proud of her! 
How about me? Still waiting for the schedule :(

Congratulation Audria Gupitarini S.Kom!! 
I know how terified you about this. But you went through this! All of your friend and family always support for you. Please wait for me to graduate together this year!!!
 You deserve the best!

I do really scared of this thesis defense exam. Half of me want to end this thing as soon as possible, but the other half still not ready yet. All I can do now hope for the best :)

After Odi's celebration, me and my roommates, Femme have another little celebration for us. Hmm actually is not a celebration. Is a treat for us. Just a treat without any special occasion. And who need a reason to eat this lovely fast food?

Everybody looooves McDonalds. WE looove McDonalds!!!

While we were eating, we watch The Call. I thought it will be so-so. But turns out, this one is better than Conjuring or Annabelle even though this one isn't horror movie. Thank you my rommie, who always scream beside me T__T.

Yesterday I went back home. The main reason I go home because....I want to make bread pudding. Again.
Yeesss I know...almost 3 days in a row. But I really craving for that sweet food. My first batch, I only ate a little and when I got back home, it's already gone. My second dearest friend who big fan of bread pudding ate whole by himself. So I make my third batch and still looks good and taste yummy.
Nothing special yesterday. I just watch movies, check email, check my defense exam schedule, cook lunch, check job vacancies, apply some of them.

Today, my friend Yoga has his thesis defense exam. Hope it went well. My pray always for you yo! Good luck!!!

Hope I can make it to the next post. Yeah another promise. But hopefully this one is not to be break :)

Have a good day!

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