Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Glad I can make it to my second post. Even though it's almost the end of day, but I still have to write something.

Today I cook another Bread Pudding for my friend. Half of the process is done by my friend. Turns out, it looks better than the first one that I bake yesterday. But it's still taste delicious. 

I think I can't make a good looks on this yummy food, but I knew this one is super yummy. My friend can't resist and eat all of them at once. He eat it all by himself. He is a monster!

Even though he is such a monster, but it's okay because he bribe me with this:

Thank you for this 4 special sachets of happiness! Gonna drink those soon while at home.

After do nothing from 1 P.M. until 5 P.M, we decided to went out for food. We decided to visit The Republic of Burger. The burger is soo big so I just order the small one. What we order:
  • The Republican Monster
  • Mushroom Gravy Junior
  • Ice Caramel tea
  • Hot Lemon Tea

The place is so nice and quiet. The service is so good. The taste? Supeeerrrrrrr. Even though I can't eat it properly, but it still taste good. The patty is the best! I will come back here again next time. 

Because of this super-burger that I had around 5 - 7 PM, I felt full until 11 PM. My friends ordered pizza and I really can't eat those pizza. But now...I feel so hungry hungry hungryyyyy. All I can think about tonight are food. Any food that I regret not eat today because of my silly full feel :(

I promise myself that next morning I woke up and soon have a full breakfast!!!

Good night universe!

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