Saturday, 14 March 2015

My out!

Hello fellas~

Last night I had a surprise news flash from my rommie, Femme. She said that one of our classmates already has their thesis defense exam schedule and it's on next week. 
And I freaked out. 

Not so long before that, I've been talked about my schedule that still didn't show up. I'm planning to ask SOIS to consider my schedule out before April.

After Femme told me about that, I panicked. I ran into my laptop, it was dead, I plug in it, turns out I didn't turn on the power, so after wait for a while, I opened chrome and open binusmaya. After login..everything went fast-forward and suddenly my schedule was appear in front of my eyes. I don't even remember click something bla bla like usual. Speechless...happy..shock..scared...relieved..
All I can do is starred at my laptop screen...
Believe it or not, up until now, I didn't close my binusmaya tab that showed my schedule. 

So for you, who wonder about my schedule..just find out for yourself :)
I don't know if it's okay for me to have all of my friends watch me, but I do need your support guys :)
A little chat, a little gesture, a little pray will help me a looottt. 
And of course for all my friends that have the same schedule as me on that day. We have to end this battle soon guys. No matter what happens!

For you that still waiting their schedule, especially my rommie and her team, be patient guys!!! I know you know it'll come out soon

After this, I'll go back to my thesis, read it all again and again, check everything, discuss it all with my team until the day. Maybe I will not post everything until that day. SO hopefully my next post is a very very good news for me and all my friends!

Thank you guys!
For everything!

Good night universe!

Selamat sabtu malam~~

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